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Does your dog have the best dog bed?

There are so many things to consider when buying a bed for your dog that it can be hard to know which bed is the best one. So here's our quick guide to choosing the best bed for your dog.


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Things to consider when buying a dog bed

How your dog sleeps

If your dog likes to stretch, buy a mattress bed that is open. Dogs with thick fur or long fur have a tendency to over-heat so elevated beds and mattresses that are not too thick are perfect for them.

If your dog likes to sleep curled up or in nose to tail position then, a bolstered dog bed with at least one raised side is ideal. These beds give your dog a sense of security and can help with anxiety.

A lot of small dogs love a bed where they can get away from it all. The kennel like hooded beds is perfect for this by allowing them to 'burrow' away out of sight.

Age of your dog

If your dog is a young pup or likes to chew, you may need a more durable bed. 

Elderly dogs need a low, orthopedic mattress that will help with any joint issues they may have.

Size of your dog

Dogs need a bed that they can comfortably stretch out on. Your dog should be able to completely stretch out without hanging off the bed. Always go for a larger sized bed if you feel that your dog is inbetween sizes.

Raised Dog Beds

Best for dogs with long or thick fur

Cushion beds can be hot in the summer months for your dog. However, in the winter they can be cold because they are directly on the floor. Raised dog beds eliminate this problem completely as the sleeping area is kept off the floor. Air passes underneath the bed providing relief in hot weather conditions, while keeping your dog away from cold floors in the winter months


Hard to chew


Stops dogs overheating


Cushion Dog Beds

Best for small & medium dogs

The soft walls on cushioned beds can surround the entire bed or a portion of it. Cushion beds come in several styles some can even look like sofas. The raised edge feature makes it ideal for your dog to lean on or curl up in. 


Keeps drafts to a minimum

Cushioned walls make dogs feel secure

Perfect shape for dogs who sleep nose to tail


Dog Mattresses

Best for large & extra large dogs

Large flat mattresses are perfect for dogs who like to spread out and sprawl when sleeping. They offer support throughout the body which can help reduce the aches and pains of joint issues that larger dogs can suffer.

Mattress style beds are also good for smaller dogs who like to snuggle up with other dogs when sleeping.  


Good for dogs who like to stretch out

Provides extra support

Also good for very thin dogs


Memory Foam Dog Mattresses

Best for dogs with joint pain and arthritis

Orthopedic beds are designed especially for dogs with arthritis or other joint pains. Made with a higher quality thick foam, these beds provide extra support for your dog's body and put less stress on joints. Elderly and very thin dogs such as greyhounds especially benefit from orthopedic beds. 


Provides extra support

Less stress on joints

Also good for very thin dogs


Waterproof Dog Beds

Best for outdoor & working dogs

Waterproof dog beds are perfect for your dog to have a lie down after a long and muddy walk in the rain. Made from water resistant materials these beds can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe with a cloth.


Easy Clean

Reduces bad smells

Water and stain resistant


Hooded Dog Beds

Best for hairless or cold natured dogs

Hooded dog beds are a perfect way for dogs to get away from it all. Most hooded beds are made entirely of plush bedding, and are great for dogs who like to 'burrow' away and feel safe when sleeping. Hooded beds are aimed mainly at smaller dogs.


Perfect for smaller breeds

Good for dogs with anxiety

Cushioning inside keeps dog warm


Luxury Dog Beds

Best for elderly dogs

As dogs get older they need more rest and so a comfortable place to call their own. As Arthritis and other joint pains develop in older dogs it is important to ensure that they are kept as warm as possible and the soft insulated cushioning on luxury beds is perfect for that. 


Supports joints

Luxury filling

Soft cushioning keeps your dog warm


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